Kapi (Water) - Jonathan Doolan and the Areyonga Band

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Description Performed in Pitjantjatjara, this video was created as a part of the Therrka Endangered Languages Project. (Scroll down for lyrics and translations).
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This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Indigenous Languages and Arts Department of Communications and the Arts, its Arts funding and Advisory body.

Verse 1:
Nyinarana nyangangi wilurara kutu
(I was looking towards the west)
Ka kapingku puyiningi
(and the rain was pouring down)
Ngura nyangatja
(on this place here,)
Ka anangu tjutangku
Karungka ukalinganyi
(the creek flowing)
Ka tjitji tjuta
(The children)
Kapingka tjarpangi karungka
(were splashing in the water in the creek)

Kapingku puyiningi
(Rain was pouring down)
Kapingku puyiningi
(Rain was pouring down)

Verse 1
Chorus x 2
Verse 1
Chorus x 2
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Music & Lead Vocals: J Doolan
Music & Lyrics: J Doolan and the Areyonga Band
Jonathan Doolan leads the band as main vocalist, accompanied by band members: Rufus, Francis, Stephen, Lowen and Lowrence who are multi instrumentalists.

Producer: Elijah Barbour
Recorded & Mixed By: Elijah Barbour
Mastering: Elijah Barbour
Project Management: Johanna Campbell
Pitjantjatjara Translations: Linda Rive

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