Ngayuluna (I Am) - Lemih Thompson

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Description Performed in Pintupi-Luritja, this video was created as a part of the Therrka Endangered Languages Project. (Scroll down for lyrics and translations).

This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Indigenous Languages and Arts Department of Communications and the Arts, its Arts funding and Advisory body.
Ooo, eee, oooo eee

Ngayuluna wangkangu kakana tjratjangkuta kuyani
(I am telling my big brother, “The grog is destroying you”)

Ngayuluna wangkangu kangkuruna ukirikunta kuyani
(I am telling my big sister,“the marijuana is destroying you.”)

Tjamu nuntupa kanila, kapali nuntupa kanila
(“Look after your Grandfather, look after your Grandmother”)

Nguranka kanila
(“Look after your country”)

Kunyi kunyi nguranka kanila kunyi
(“Poor old people need to be looked after at home.”)

Repeat song x 3
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Recorded in Language: Pintupi-Luritja of the NPY/Ngaanyatjarra Lands, Western Australia
Music & Lyrics: L Thompson
Keyboard & Synth Drums: L Thompson
Featured Lead Guitar: Jason Butcher

Producer: Elijah Barbour
Recorded & Mixed By: Elijah Barbour
Mastering: Elijah Barbour
Project Management: Johanna Campbell
Pintupi-Luritja Translations: Jeffrey Zimran

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