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Description Desert Pea Media is very proud to announce a new collaboration with the Bwgcolman community of Palm Island, North QLD.

This production, along with two short films were created over 14 days in July 2019 - an outcome of of a unique, collaborative creative process with Desert Pea Media artists, local Indigenous young people, community members, Elders, and local health & community services.

The overall purpose of the project was to facilitate an important, inter-generational conversation about social and emotional well-being for Indigenous young people in 5 communities around FNQ (Kuranda, Bowen, Palm Island, Thursday Island & Lockhart River). The project is called 'Break It Down - Community Conversations Around Well-being' - funded by North Queensland Primary Health Network.

Desert Pea Media projects involve a dialogue-based storytelling process that encourages participants to analyze 'the real', 'the ideal' and 'the bridge'. In simple terms this means critically thinking about how to create positive change for yourself, for each other and for our communities.

Desert Pea Media has been working with the community and families of Palm Island for more than a decade, and the opportunity to reconnect and create new connections is invaluable to us. The relationships the DPM team has built on Palm Island are friendships that are highly valued and respected. These projects not only uplift and inspire audiences and community members, but everybody involved.

'Time Will Tell' was produced by music producer Anthony Martino aka 'Stay Nice'. We thank you brother for your artistic vision and awesome work.

Special thanks to Frank and Lindsay at Palm Island PCYC, to Jeannie Samm and staff at Palm Island PCYC, to Aunty Lizzie Doomadgee and Uncle Allen Palm Island.


Ricky Johnson, Nashae Bulsey, Martin Kennedy, Elizabeth Doomadgee, Jahlen Doomadgee, Sian Daisy, Kevin Inkerman, Shameka Sam, Sharona Sam, Frederick Ketchup, Bernard Blanket, Ekunya Reuben, Lex Fulford, Tianiwa Bulsey, Toby Finlayson, Ciolla Riley.


Toby Finlayson - Project Director/Co-Writer/Co-Facilitator/DOP Ciolla Riley - Co-Writer/Co-Facilitator Anthony Martino - Music Producer/ Sound Engineer/ Co-Facilitator Holly Doust-Robinson - Production Coordinator/Photographer Genevieve Kaiser - Editor/Graphics/Grading David Nicholas - Audio Mixing Darren Ziesing - Audio Mastering Ash Camm - Business Manager


Verse 1

Munbara Bwgcolman burra (land) Gubbal the carpet python //
Head is magnetic // Body is Palm island//
Fine line between captain and crook//
Join the crew, take a tour round the history book//

Since my great grandfather was brought here in chains//
1914, slavery with no wage//
Big shame - 1918 became a mission//
PI became a prison - punishment by definition//

Nuh ya can’t look forward if ya can’t look back//
Gotta know the difference between lies and fact//
The truth is beautiful, it’s back and it’s black//
Like the PI boys now we’re ready to react//

The Act - rewind to 1939 - we think about home//
And family left behind as we rhyme//
My words flow west across the sea-line//
Connect to ancestors and the lessons of the dreamtime//

Hook x 2

(Scratches) Only time will tell //
We no longer living under the bell //
(Scratches) maybe change gonna come//
Like the morning sun the Bwgcolman rise as one//

Verse 2

2004 they were kicking down the door //
Marshall squad held pregnant women to the floor//
Elders, kids and all, what for? //
Telling lies in the court and the coroners report//

It’s been a hundred years of trauma and fear //
But the truth is the Bwgcolman warriors are still here //
Kicking back with another track, get it clear //
Speak out it’ll make the pain disappear //

We love this island we sick of the silence //
We can’t change history with crime and violence //
We love this island - you can try to divide us //
Can’t seperate 40 plus tribes united //

Respect goes out to uncle Lex and the clan //
The Bwgcolman people and the Doomadgee fam //
The Tall Man got nothing on Munburra land //
Eeya lah the Palm Island People taking a stand //

Hook x 2

(Scratches) Only time will tell//
We no longer living under the bell//
(Scratches) maybe change gonna come//
Like the morning sun the Bwgcolman rise as one //

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