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Description Desert Pea Media is very proud to present a new collaboration with the community of Coomealla/Dareton NSW.

This production was created in April of 2021 - an outcome of a unique, collaborative creative process between Desert Pea Media, Coomealla Health Aboriginal Corporation (a local Indigenous-led Health Service) and an incredibly talented group of students at Coomealla High School, who represent Barkindji and Maraura Tribal Groups.

The overall purpose of the broader project was to facilitate an important, inter-generational conversation about social and emotional well-being for Original Nations young people. Focusing on cultural identity, wellbeing and connection to country.

Desert Pea Media projects involve a dialogue-based storytelling process that encourages participants to analyze 'the real', 'the ideal' and 'the bridge'. In simple terms this means critically thinking about how to create positive change for yourself, for each other and for our communities.

We as a team feel deeply honoured and grateful to learn, share and create with the Coomealla community. These projects not only uplift and inspire audiences and community members, but everybody involved.

This project was Directed by filmmaker, facilitator, and hip hop artist Roy Weiland, and co-facilitated by acclaimed Bundjalung hip hop artist 'JK47' or Jacob Paulson. Music Produced by DPM Music Producer Josh Nicholas. See below for full credits.

Special thanks to Jaharlyn Mitchell and the staff at CHAC and Coomealla High School.

Special thanks to the TO's of Coomealla - The Barkindji People, and all of the Clan Groups of the region that participated, welcomed us and shared their country for the creation of this production. We are humbled and grateful for your trust and support.


Roy Weiland - Director/Co-Writer/Co-Facilitator/Editor/Grading & Graphics Josh Nicholas - Project Lead/Music Producer/Co-Writer/Co-Facilitator, Jacob Paulson (JK47) , Co-Writer/Co-Facilitator Ross Turley - DOP/2nd Camera , Grace Newell - Production Coordinator/Photographer/Co-Producer. Nathaniel Sherwood - Audio Mixing/Mastering. Renae Saxby - Social Media Manager, Scott Large - General Manager Jaharlyn Mitchell - Co-Producer/Community Project Coordinator


Olivia Kennedy, Kyanna Dixon, Alannah Shiner, Maya Moore, Annezey-lee Johnson (AJ), Lleyton Johnson, Domanic Poli, Ian Dixon, Duron Johnson, Labroun Winters, Elsie Jones, Lamia Jones, Keira Harris, Kyanna Garlett, Chenille Taylor, Zyeria Kelly, Lydia Wandin, Josh Nicholas, Jacob Paulson, Roy Weiland.


Barkindji/Maraura the place where I’m from
Where the Barka meets the Murray where our people belong
We one mob! So you know our spirit is strong
Its been 60,000 years and our cultures still lives on

I didn’t know what happened in ’67’
Till I sat with my aunt and she told me bout the Referendum
A right to vote. It gave us hope (helped lighten the load)
Our elders spoke amongst the fire and smoke

Its time we make a change, so you can’t be scared
Leave ya shame at the door sis its time to share
Time to love one another but that takes respect
And I can feel it as my heart beats step by step

Lets talk more about our mental health
Because we all got a story that we’re meant to tell (gotta help yourself)
Leave the grog up on the shelf you don’t need it
Gotta listen up when your elders are speaking

Disconnect from disrespect
Look straight ahead and have a vision my bred
Focus on education this nation we gotta protect
Showing respect has a ripple effect (yea)

We walk beside the river and amongst the red dust
So its time to take a stand for the country we love
Look inside for your dreaming and never give up
Cause your country gonna help you when it starts to get rough


Culture runs through the Barka the Barka is life
Its written in the stars when I look up at night
Yea we Barkindji muupa’s (kids) we strong and proud
Standing up tall and we yelling it loud

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