We Deserve To Dream - Xavier Rudd

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Description We Deserve to Dream” features steel guitar, Xavier’s signature percussive beat drives this spirited song that builds to a sweet soaring chorus with an anthemic bent. We Deserve To Dream speaks of the freedom that is ours to be found in the elements of the land, the ocean, the trees, yet we find ourselves locked up in layers of conditioning thrust upon us by life. The accompanying film clip symbolically encapsulates this point in life via dance and features renown First Nations dancer Tyrel Dulvarie .

We see Tyrel suited-up and unfulfilled. He returns home to the land he belongs and from the broken pieces finds a photo of his younger self. As he peels back the layers of society he spiritually reconnects with himself through fire and ceremony and importantly his dance. The more Tyrel dances the more golden he becomes as was before he became tainted by life. Tyrel dances as the gold dust takes him over and returns his soul to its former pure essential self where he can re-create his dreams.

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