1. Njirrpa by Yatangal
  2. One Day at a Time by Family Shoveller Band
  3. People Of The Dreaming by Yatangal
  4. Can't Help Myself by Family Shoveller Band
  5. Break Dancers by Family Shoveller Band
  6. Rarrku Rarrku by Yatangal
  7. Traditional Yanji Yanji by Yatangal
  8. Sounds of the Road by Djarindjin Band
  9. Lombadina by Djarindjin Band
  10. Wukurrt Mala by Yatangal
  11. Falling Before You by Djarindjin Band
  12. Wuwra Wuwra by Yatangal
  13. Yanji Yanji by Yatangal
  14. Are You Thinking of the Dreamtime by Djarindjin Band
  15. Why Can't You Love Me by Deep Water
  16. On That Road by Deep Water
  17. Mainstream by Deep Water
  18. Kiss My Trouble Goodbye by Deep Water
  19. Keep Me Warm by Deep Water
  20. Eagle by Deep Water