1. Blanga Mela Langgus
  2. Romans 7 Who Will Save Me
  3. Yungngora Rodeo
  4. Sorry Day
  5. Mandy Explains The Six Seasons
  6. You Understand, Don't You?
  7. Funding the Future: Johanna Pask
  8. North to The Finke
  9. Youth Pathway to Knowledge - Koolong Mart Kaartadjin
  10. Some Kids Were Taken by Tom Hayden
  11. Streets of Gold by Lynette Yarran
  12. Beautiful Memories by Byron Pickett
  13. Son by Josephine Colbung
  14. Coming Home by Kimberley Carlson
  15. Little Old Quairading Town by Yolande Yarran
  16. Aker Making Spear
  17. Kururyultu
  18. Ian Wilkinson Sings "Farming In The Bygone Days Of Old."
  19. Ian Wilkinson Sings "Knocking On My Door."
  20. Wild Horses