Barkly Regional Arts

Barkly Regional Arts (BRA) is the regional hub for the arts in the Barkly region. Its remit to deliver arts programs and initiatives in the region is as large as the region itself. BRA has evolved from a project-driven to a program-driven arts organisation. Critical to these programs are that BRA provides an interface between mainstream and Indigenous cultures that reaffirm core BRA values including a celebration of and respect for cultural diversity and recognition of a unique Indigenous demographic.

  1. 17th NRIMF Lajamanu: Day 3
  2. 17th NRIMF Lajamanu: Day 2
  3. 17th NRIMF Lajamanu: Day 1
  4. Heather Rosas- Barkly Yarning
  5. Gladys Beasley Barkly Yarning
  6. Joie Boulter Barkly Yarning
  7. Maureen Okeefe Barkly Yarning
  8. Whats Up Winanjjikari - EP 4 - Reggie's Language Lessons
  9. Whats Up Winanjjikari - Episode 3 - Brenden Hines 'Jarra Jarra'
  10. Whats Up Winanjjikari - Episode 2 - WMC AT WOMADELAIDE 2015
  11. Whats Up Winanjjikari - Episode 1 - NT Tour 2015 with Marcus Finlay
  12. Slick Licks 2 - Lead Guitar Tutorial with Marcus 'Breath away' Lead
  13. Guitar Tutorial with Marcus 'Breath Away' Chords
  14. We are One by The Barkly Boys
  15. Stronger Sisters TC, Video Postcard
  16. Stronger Sisters Elliot, Video Postcard
  17. Mungkarta Video Postcard
  18. Media Mob Documentary
  19. Lady Beats Doco
  20. Junior Video Postcard