Community programming including community events, bush trips, news and more.

  1. How do you install a Principal, travel to Melbourne and meet our Indigenous Steering Committee.
  2. Ever painted on walls, talked about being a volunteer and watch girls soccer?
  3. We say good bye to Mr Ashcroft and enjoy some time away...
  4. Seniors Formal, Girls Awards and Water fight!
  5. Our Swimming Carnival was so good, and even more stories
  6. Teaching Tracking
  7. This week we try our hand at drawing, Duke of Ed awards, Footy Bin Challenge, acrobatics and more.
  8. BushMob the Inside Story
  9. Apmere Mwerre or Good Place
  10. Help others with water, float marbles, Confirmation and Girl’s Soccer.
  11. Talking About Home
  12. A Big Thank You
  13. Mental Health and Stress Less
  14. CLC Ranger - Josephine Grant
  15. CLC Ranger - John Carl O'Cleary
  16. CLC Ranger - Bernard Bell
  17. CLC Ranger - Terrance Abbott
  18. CLC Ranger - Norm Raggett
  19. CLC Ranger - Wilhemina Johnson
  20. CLC Ranger - Krisilla Patrick