First Languages Australia

First Languages Australia is working toward a future where Aboriginal language communities and Torres Strait Islander language communities have full command of their languages and can use them as much as they wish to.

  1. Nguthungulli, the Creator rests in the ocean - This Place
  2. Hunting for goannas in the Western Desert of WA - This Place
  3. Looking out from Kaart Gennunginyup Bo - This Place
  4. Gujiragun - This Place
  5. Dungang/Bila to the Garuwa - This Place
  6. A healing place at the water - This Place
  7. If someone got lost on Country you could use language to find them, Country talks back - This Place
  8. How the black swan gave Maroochydore its name - This Place
  9. The name that's worth the fight, for the old people and the young ones too - This Place
  10. Barrulin, the big stones of Bundaberg - This Place
  11. Parts of the body in Butchulla
  12. Nyiburr borrmunga We are family
  13. The next step for Indigenous languages in the NT
  14. Butchulla lullaby
  15. My language Gathang
  16. Keeping Marra Language Alive
  17. Vianca shares some Arrernte words
  18. Let's rejoice in Dharawal
  19. Marion and Margaret talk about working in Burarra language
  20. Danielle shares some Arrernte words