Our Night-time
  1. Petrol Sniffing Song by Infari Maru
  2. Opening the Common Gate: Citizenship
  3. Other Side of Town by Naomi Pigram
  4. Artist Profile: Racy Pitt
  5. Talking Country: Jaru Place - Old Halls Creek
  6. Bush Bands Bash 2010: Desert Mulga Band
  7. Godspeed by Emma Sibosado
  8. Cry Freedom by Lorrae Coffin Band
  9. Talking Country: Pender Bay (Goobarlgaan)
  10. Bush Bands Bash 2010 - Sunlight Band
  11. Inma Irititja Inkanyi with Tommy Manta
  12. Motherless Child by Groovylips & the Yang
  13. Friday Night by Walkabout Boys
  14. Coffin Unity by Lorrae Coffin Band
  15. Town by the Bay by Baamba & the Obamas
  16. Facing the World
  17. Stand By Me by Cassana Phillips
  18. Neon Lights by Groovylips & the Yang
  19. Something in the Air by Family Shoveller Band
  20. Willi Willi Karti by Mervyn Mulardy