Our Way

Community videos including: recordings of community meetings, country visits, oral histories, ranger videos, workplace videos and more.

  1. Staff Profile - Fabian Garrawirtja
  2. Staff Profile - Joanne Gulurrthu Baker
  3. Staff Profile - Helen Motiti Dhamarrandji
  4. Staff Profile - Ganygulpa Dhurrkay
  5. Vincent Namatjira: Prime Ministers and Vincent Lingiari
  6. Tiger Yaltangki
  7. Iwantja Art Studio Project
  8. Talking About Reconciliation Week
  9. Staff profile - Jenon Batty
  10. Staff Profile - Onika Paolucci
  11. Bringing Them Home
  12. Signing of CAAPS and DDHS Memorandum of Understanding
  13. Staff profile - Raelene Noonan
  14. Working at Danila Dilba
  15. Why people like working at Danila Dilba Heath Service
  16. Alcohol and Other Drugs
  17. Love and Learning
  18. Federal Indigenous Health Minister Hon Ken Wyatt MP visits Danila Dilba
  19. Biyolkga Centre Opening
  20. The Artist Tree