Our Way

Community videos including: recordings of community meetings, country visits, oral histories, ranger videos, workplace videos and more.

  1. Walking from Erlterlapentye to Anwerret Country: Goat Hole Story
  2. Walking from Erlterlapentye to Anwerret Country: Kaparnt-Kaparnt
  3. The Little Black Book: The Benning Story
  4. Protecting Country from Fracking
  5. Animal Management Workers in the Barkly Region
  6. Minyma Nguluringanyi
  7. Minyma Ngurlunytju
  8. Kungka Kaar-Kaarpa
  9. Kungka Mirrpantju
  10. A Guide to Working with Remote Community Dogs
  11. Living with Community Dogs
  12. Voices from the Gaslands - Neil's Story
  13. Thirty Years Too Long
  14. Stolen Wages
  15. A Mother's Story
  16. Understanding Kevin
  17. Today I Saw My Younger Brother
  18. Our Place: Teaser
  19. Finding Out About Kevin