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Description Danzal Baker AKA Baker Boy and Baykali Ganambarr, are two deadly Yolngu Dancers have produced two deadly instructional video clip (one in English and one in Yolngu) so that schools, teachers, communities and youth services can play the clip and anyone around the world can learn the deadly dance for themselves.

Remember to warm up, spread out and find a safe space to dance. Drink plenty of health fresh cold water and enjoy dancing this dance together.

Danzal Baker AKA Baker Boy and Baykali Ganambarr Deadly Yolngu dancers make there very own Music Video called 'Yolngu Style' which aimed to use to practise this dance once you have learnt it so you can practise and copy the moves copy the moves.

Yolngu Style - Is a deadly modern contemporary dance music video created by a unique group of talented artists to inspire the world to dance, move and absorb the yolgnu style. Inspired by the mixture of old school hip hop flavour mixed together with traditional Red Flag Dancers from Elcho Island / yolngu style.

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