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Description Many people want to know what the afterlife is like. When Randall was airlifted to hospital with life-threatening medical conditions, he experienced a vivid encounter with Jesus. In this incredible story, Randall says, “I saw Him there. He said, ‘Hello Randall’” I didn’t say a word. I was amazed. He said, “I’ll give you my love so that you can go back and share it.” He had a shiny face. His voice was flowing. I can’t describe…”

Talented singer-songwriter Randall Carew grew up in the remote Kewulyi Community in Roper Valley in the Northern Territory, Australia. Despite being wheelchair-bound, Randall wrote and produced several albums and was sought after for live performances at events across the Northern Territory. When a music teacher at a large school near Melbourne encouraged him to go on Australian Idol, Randall said, “I don’t want to be anyone’s idol. I want people to worship Jesus!”

“The songs don’t come from me, they come from the Lord. The songs are about how great He is, how loving He is…that’s how He uses me to tell people out there about Him.”

Randall now lives with His Saviour. He has been carried home. He is greatly missed by so many people. His family want his story to continue to be shared.

You will be greatly blessed by his story.

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