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Description Introducing the Dog Mob - Cat Crew!

AMRRIC's education program, the Dog Mob Cat Crew, visited Finke/Aputula community in the Northern Territory with Grand Trine Creative to deliver the Dog (Papa) Mob Cat (Putji Kata) Crew hip hop Project.

Staff and students from Finke School showcased their amazing central desert talent in writing, recording, and filming a deadly track and video about looking after your dogs and cats and keeping animals and communities healthy and strong.

Central themes during this project were on responsible pet ownership, making sure pets have their needs met, taking pets with you when you are away from home, calling a vet if they are sick, getting them desexed, and keeping cats indoor at night.

It was a special privilege to run this project in Finke on dog dreaming country.

A huge thank you to:
Grand Trine Creative
MacDonnell Regional Council

Finke School for their work, collaboration, participation, and facilitation that made this amazing project possible.

Strong culture, strong health, strong animals, strong and healthy communities!

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