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Added by Shae Lui

Description My first ever smoked Ribs!
Ok, so this is my first ever attempt at doing ribs on the smoker and it's safe to say they turned out amazing! I bought these ribs pre-marinated from my local butchers at Parkhurst Quality Meats and then i did my own finishing moves on them ?
Enjoy! ?
WOW bro, first impression off the lookout above the beach we were blown way!! The ocean was flat as far as your could see, turquoise water turning into a deeper blue as the tide was retreating out. This place was unreal, fun sandy track on the way down to the beach, tight and plenty of branches to pinstripe your 4wd. So good. Once on the beach turning right to head south is the only 4wd beach access as the northern end from the beach entrance is pedestrian only. The tide was heading out so we were able to park on the beach and head out to fish off the rocks, there was a tidal crossing that I'd assume is only accessible at low tide, once across you just navigate your way to where you wanna fish and have a crack! Jennifer hooked a juvenile Spanish Mackie on a 70g Halco Twisty straight off the bat first cast! We'd go on to hook another 5 or 6, losing a couple but having heaps of fun! We did have bait, some frozen prawns and caught Cod and losing line to others too.

11/10 would recommend a Five Rocks day trip and 10psi if you wanna make it up the beach to leave lol

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