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Description This is the full film compilation of the six short films by the stArts with D Performance Ensemble as part of the multi-arts exhibition "Strong Feelings". This film was also showcased as part of the National Portrait Gallery's "Portrait: 23" Exhibition in Canberra.


As a way to introduce the audience to people, place and culture, ‘Listen’ began as a poem written by the group. It was translated into Auslan offering creative choreographic material for the artists to work with. This developed into a film and is an important reminder that these artists have stories to tell and they will tell them in their own ways.

"Go Back There"
Janice Carroll’s song ‘Go Back There’ vocalises her love for her family and desire to return to her country. When hearing the song it was clear to everyone that she needed to return to Pukatja/ Ernabella, for the first time in years. This film captures heart-warming displays of connection to land and people, beautiful scenery and exuberant family members!

"My Song Dress"
Lizzie Trew is a young Pitjantjatjara and Arrernte woman whose creativity shines in this film. Initially her idea was to compose a song. The complexities of the sounds and lyrics she created became the force behind her ‘Song Dress’ as she wanted to ‘see’ the music. Lizzie designed the dress, and painted the fabric, which matches the rhythm, flow and beats of the music. Alongside some of her animation work, this film showcases how her dress makes her feel. Lizzie is a creative phenomenon.

Ntaria was created celebrating the country of the awesome artist Caleb McMillan. Caleb’s deep connection to his family is paramount in this film and his gentle heart and infectious personality envelop all those who meet him. This film offers a window into seeing those deep connections, history and day-to-day life in Ntaria (Hermannsburg). The film has a haunting soundtrack of song created by Caleb, exploring what he loves about his homeland.

"DJ Brandon Williams"
Brandon Williams has always dreamed of being a world-famous DJ. To play a banging tune and for people around the globe to hear it, what an achievement! Well, that is exactly what happened. The song was set free, the people pressed play and the dancing began!! Brandon’s epic track forms the backing to this incredible film clip, connecting the rest of the world to the Central Desert through some seriously powerful beats.

"Super Powered"
A collaboration between the fellas of stArts with D, Super Powered is about super strengths and where the artists feel strong. We can take a trip with them to Darwin and cruise around Mparntwe (Alice Springs) while they show their superpowers. A collage of talent is behind this film. With animations, songs, soundtracks and costumes, it is an empowering feast for the senses. What are your superpowers? Where do you feel strong?

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