The Voice Referendum Explained - Where did the idea for an Indigenous Voice to Parliament come from? EP2

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Description Where did the idea for an Indigenous Voice in the Constitution come from?
There is a lot of noise around the Voice to Parliament referendum, but when you head to the ballot box later this year, what exactly will you be voting for?
The ABC’s Fran Kelly and Carly Williams, a Quandamooka woman and National Indigenous correspondent for the ABC look at the foundational document for the Voice Referendum — The Uluru Statement from the Heart.
They discuss the consultative process that led up to the Uluru convention in 2017 as well as the dissenting voices at the time — some who remain fierce critics and others who have changed their views.
Carly and Fran unpack the term ‘Makarrata’ and look at the two main camps within the ‘No’ supporters.

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