Bush Bands Bash 23 : Desert Eagles

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Description Bush Bands Bash 2023 is a unique event that celebrates the richness of First Nations music and culture, promising an unforgettable night of music, unity, positivity and diversity.

From a record number of entries the following bands have been selected to showcase their musical excellence and cultural heritage at Bush Bands Bash 2023:

Yellow Nation (From Ramingining singing in Yolngu Matha dialects: Gupapuyngu - Djambarrpuyngu & English): Known for their captivating performances and powerful lyrics, Yellow Nation brings a contemporary edge to traditional sounds, bridging the gap between past and present.
Pele (From Thursday Island singing in English): Be enthralled and deeply moved by this powerhouse singer/songwriter from Thursday Island performing her upbeat and original R&B & pop influenced songs.
Mulga Bore Hard Rock (From Akaye singing in Anmatjere & English) Get ready to be blown away by the thunderous beats and mesmerizing melodies of Mulga Bore Hard Rock, a band that infuses ancient rhythms with modern rock influences.
Pukatja Band (From Pukatja singing in Pitjantjatjara & English): The Pukatja Street Reggae band is a vibrant and captivating musical ensemble rooted in the heart of Central Australia's Indigenous community of Ernabella.
Desert Eagles (From Ali Curung singing in Alyawarr & English): Hailing from the heart of the outback, Desert Eagles' soulful sounds and enchanting storytelling encapsulate the essence of the Australian desert landscape.
Arrkula Yinbayarra (Together We Sing) (From Borroloola singing in Yanyuwa, Marra, Garrwa and Gudanji): bring something different to this year’s Bush Bands as a group of sonorous Songwomen led by Marlene Timothy from Borroloola and realising her vision of strengthening culture through using singing to maintain the threatened traditional languages of the Yanyuwa, Marra, Garrwa and Gudanji people.
Laramba Band (From Laramba singing in Anmatjere, Warlpiri & English): With their infectious energy and dynamic performances, Laramba Band embodies the spirit of community and togetherness through their music.
PJ Reggae (From Ti Tree singing in Warlpiri, Anmatjere & English): Known for their smooth reggae rhythms and uplifting lyrics, PJ Reggae promises to get the crowd moving and spreading good vibes all around.
Eastern Reggae (From Santa Teresa singing in Arrernte & English): Eastern Reggae's fusion of traditional melodies with reggae beats creates a unique and uplifting musical experience.
Eju (From Ali Curung singing in Warlpiri, Luritja & English): Eju's soul-stirring vocals and instrumentation transport listeners on a journey through the vast landscapes of Indigenous storytelling.
Bush Bands Bash is not just a music festival; it is a celebration of Indigenous culture and a platform for these talented bands to share their art with a broader audience. It is also the culmination of a week-long intensive workshop honing performance skills and building music business knowledge. This year's Bush Bands Bash promises to be another unforgettable experience for music lovers of all backgrounds, uniting communities and celebrating the rich tapestry of Australia's cultural heritage.

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