Minjilang HLP - T-Shirt design & Fashion Parade

Young Way

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Description Red Dust traveled out to Croker Island in October 2023 to run some T-Shirt printing workshops with the kids from Mamaruni School. The students had been working with Nathan Fejo at the school in collaboration with Tim Lane from Bush Creative to create some local designs for the T-Shirts. ALPA joined in to do some tie-dying with the kids who then created their own T-Shirts, basketball tops and hats with fabric textas and transfers. It was so good to see the students own designs come to life on their T-Shirts and so much pride being put into their creations. On the last day the community were invited along to a fashion parade at the school where the kids could show off their work and celebrate their achievements. Too much fun was had by all involved, big shout to all the families in Minjilang, Amy from ALPA , all the staff from Mamaruni School and everyone who supported the kids in this project.

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