Cookin' with LUI - Cajun Chicken Stew

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Added by Shae Lui

Description ust a simple weekday dinner, Cajun seasoned chicken thigh cutlets in a stew for something nice & hearty ?
- chicken thigh cutlets skin on
- garlic
- onion
- potatoes
- carrot
- celery
- mushrooms
- chicken stock
- Cajun seasoning
- bay leaves
- parsley
1. Brown the chicken then remove.
2. Cook the onions, deglaze the pan with water.
3. Add the garlic & veggies, add the stock, top up with water bring to a simmer. Add chicken on top, put a lid on and let it cook until the veggies are done.
4. Hit it with the parsley.
5. Serve up with rice or mash or Alfredo pasta

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