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Description Tender beef ribs in the Instant Pot Pro ?
Loving the new Instant Pot Pro (not sponsored) done a great job cooking the beef ribs! Something pretty simple, if you don’t have a pressure cooker just low and slow simmer on the stove or oven until they’re tender.
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Ingredients I used:
- Beef ribs
- McCormicks Tennessee Smokehouse seasoning
- garlic
- onion
- sliced mushrooms
- bay leaves
- chicken stock liquid
- beef stock tub (optional)
- parsley
- garlic butter
- cornflour
1. Season beef ribs, brown in a pot, remove, cook onions, mushrooms and garlic add the chicken/beef stock and bay leaves.
2. Pressure cooked for 30-40mins or low and slow simmer on the stove/oven/slow cooker for 4-6hrs is say.
3. Remove beef ribs, thicken the stock with flour/cornflour, I added garlic butter and the rest of the seasoning and always hit it with the parsley! Season with salt & pepper to your liking if needed.
4. Serve up with your favourite veggies/sides.

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