Yulu's Coal

Young Way

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Description This story is about Yulu, the Kingfisher Man, whose travels brought into being much of the Northern Flinders Ranges and Wilpena Pound or Ilkurra ‘Gathering Place’.
Cultural custodian, Terrence Coulthard says
‘All the basic principles in life come out in Yuramuda ( Dreaming), but if you take part of Yuramuda away by ripping out a story associated with it, you break down the connections people have with it. Then
you break down the rules for living, you break down people’s relationship with the environment, you break down people’s spiritual existence.'

‘When you mess with sites, you’re actually taking away a piece of religion, a piece of culture, a piece of tradition and it’s irreplaceable. These stories are like the Bible. If you burnt all the Bibles in the world then these people would have nothing to build a framework of belief on and
that’s like us. We have to have these mountains and these hills, we have to have the Country; we use it as a tool for teaching people about respect for mother.’

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