Strength In My Soul by Uncle Alfred's Mentoring Group

Young Way

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Description Written, recorded and filmed in 5 days as part of an ongoing mentoring project with Desert Pea Media, The Smugglers of Light Foundation, APRA, UN Ltd, and most importantly - Uncle Alfred Smallwood's Mentoring Group in Townsville QLD.

Uncle Alfred's Mentoring Group is a volunteer service for young adults caught up in the justice system, and who are trying to re-engage with community, culture and country - breaking the cycle of sentencing.

There is a focus on cultural mentoring, taking responsibility for yourself, your country and your family. This song and music video is the second project in two years with Uncle Alfred's Group, and was created as a collaboration with a local Indigenous Rangers Group.

The story is about the conservation and protection of country - specifically the sea turtle. These ancient creatures were traditionally a local food source. Due to unsustainable commercial fishing they are now endangered, and Uncle Alfred is teaching his group how to care for them and protect them for the future.

We would like to pay our respect to the people of the Bindal & Wulgurukaba, traditional owners of the country upon which this song was made.

Special thanks to Uncle Alfred Smallwood and Aunty Gail Mabo, Jan Westlake, Joel Westlake, Toby Finlayson, and of course all the young Warriors from Uncle Alfred's Men's Group.

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