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Description Life for traditional Aboriginal people is governed by law. Pitjantjatjara call it Tjukurpa, Kuku Yalanji say Ngujukurra. All Aboriginal languages have a word for it. It holds the knowledge of where to find food, how to act towards others, when to continue cultural learning, and why it is important to live a good life. It governs the privileges and responsibilities of each person that together make up society, ensuring that family and community are cared for and country is maintained standing up alive. 
Two men from different parts of Australia come together as brothers and follow a Rainbow Serpent Dreaming journey. Rainbow Serpent, or Wanampi to Pitjantjatjara and Yarru to Kuku Yalanji, is the regenerative power that makes country stand up alive. It is the power source that brings fertility and abundance to all living things, plants, animal, people and country. 
The brothers are on a quest to revitalise and maintain knowledge of Tjukurpa for the next generation. Their meeting with senior lawmen with responsibility for Wanampi Tjukurpa, in the heart of Australia culminates at a sacred waterhole, home of Wanampi to this day. From there Wanampi moves about country even within the cities and suburbs, aware not only of Aboriginal people but of white people too. Wanampi contains the spiritual power that permeates country even where people have no knowledge of its existence.
As the journey moves to the Laura Dance Festival in North Queensland it becomes a rallying point for cultural regeneration for all Australians.

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