Charrnock Woman Animation

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Description The Charrnock Woman is the fourth stage in CAN WA's Gnarojin Creek revitalisation program. This project celebrates a significant Noongar site along the banks of the creek.
The program aims to identify and showcase important Noongar cultural links to the creek running through Narrogin.
In 2012 the story of the Charrnock Woman was brought to life by local primary and high school students in Narrogin, who worked with digital artist Steven Aiton to create a unique sand animation of this traditional story written by Bibbullmun artist Toogarr Morrison.
In November 2013, the Narrogin community, along with mosaic artist Danka Sholtz von Lorenz and local Noongar artist Ross Storey, designed and created mosaics depicting the story. These were placed on current rock formations at the site, created as part of the Gnarojin Park Nyoongah Revival project years before.
A QR code placed at the site, when scanned, takes viewers to this animation via a smart phone or tablet.
On behalf of CAN WA we extend a heartfelt thanks to all those who enthusiastically participated in this project.

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