The Mob 'Dhinawan Touch the Stars'

Young Way

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Description Dhinawan' is the Kamileroi word for 'emu', and the song title refers to an ancient Kamileroi constellation etched into the negative space of the milky way. A powerful and sacred Indigenous songline, the Dhinawan story shifts and changes as it travels from nation to nation, and is the foundation of this particular production.

Written, recorded and filmed over 5 days in June 2016 in the remote community of Walgett in Northwest NSW, 'Dhinawan Touch the Stars' is an outcome of a Desert Pea Media community project with a group of young Indigenous people enrolled at Walgett Community College.

The project came about through a partnership between Desert Pea Media, Outback Arts and the James N Kirby Foundation.

Desert Pea Media projects involve a dialogue-based storytelling process that encouraged participants to analyze 'the real', 'the ideal' and 'the bridge'. In simple terms this means critically thinking about how to create positive change for individuals, for each other and for our communities.

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