Nerida Lorde’s Yarn - Too Many Funerals

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Description Part of the 'Break It Down: Community Conversations Around Mental Health' project 2017/2018. (DPM/PHN WNSW)
Sisterhood is a special bond that gives you the support and understanding to make it through the tough parts of life together. Nerida and Roxanne Lorde - sisters, have been through some trying times, but have come through it with a gentleness and emotional intelligence that blows you away. In their story, we are reminded that there are too many deaths in Aboriginal communities, and of the strength it takes to honour all those left behind. Grief is painful, and at first, unrelenting, yet when you start to open up and share it with those close to you, like a sister, peace can be found. Knowing who you are and where you come from is vital in this journey.

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