Les Coe’s Yarn - (This is) Your Time

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Description Part of the 'Break It Down: Community Conversations Around Mental Health' project 2017/2018. (DPM/PHN WNSW)

When you sit down for a yarn with Uncle Les Coe, you walk away with deepest sense of pride in who you are spiritually and culturally. There is a raw power in his words, and his way of sharing them with you, that plants your feet firmly on the ground. So much was taken away from the Original Nations people by Europeans, and Uncle Les knows how helpful it can be for young Aboriginal people to understand - that their ancestors fought hard to prevent this. Far too many Aboriginal men are incarcerated, and at the root of this issue is bad mental health caused by the deep loss of culture. In Les’ heart he knows it’s time to reconnect with those roots and grow, proud and strong, so that the real fight can begin.

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