Jen Molyneux’s Yarn - The Road to Trust

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Description Part of the 'Break It Down: Community Conversations Around Mental Health' project 2017/2018. (DPM/PHN WNSW)

It takes a long time to build trust between a patient and a psychologist, and no one knows that more than clinician, Jenny Molyneux. Through her work providing mental health counselling to four remote NSW communities, Jen can see that there needs to be dedicated support staff in each town, to give that necessary time to build relationships. The Aboriginal youth suicide rate is the highest in the world and that has to change. Jen knows firsthand that before you start helping someone with their mental health, they want to know you, and that’s why she believes in meeting people on their turf and being active with them. There’s a long way to go, but Jen’s insight can help us get there.

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