FRAIM All in One Video Making Workshop: Colin Puruntatameri

Our Way

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Description Video Produced By
Isobel Lamilami & Loretta Cunningham

This video was made at FRAIM 2019 as part of the
All in One Video Making Workshop

Workshop Trainers:
Tamara Whyte
Jan Cattoni
Evan Charlton

Assistant Trainer:
Graham Wilfred

Workshop Support:
Vito Lucarelli

Workshop Delegates:
Floyd Baker
Jennifer Hubert
Loretta Cunningham
Isobel Lamilami
Colin Puruntatameri
Harry Lui
Rachel Paltridge
Jodie Ward
Sylvia Tabua
Mark Pindan
Russell Dann
Daryl Ware
Bonnie Levi
Jon King

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