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Description Desert Pea Media is very proud to announce our new collaboration with the Western Aranda community in Ntaria (Hermannsburg) NT, in the red heart of Australia's Central Desert. This production brought together Elders, community members and young people to create a conversation about connection to country, culture and community.

Funded and managed by the Namatjira Legacy Trust, this production was part of the Trust's broader program of supporting, strengthening and celebrating Western Aranda culture and country. The project was coordinated on the ground by local community member David Roennfeldt and staff at Ntaria School.

‘Pmara Nurnaka' was created in March 2019, the result of a five-day Desert Pea Media storytelling workshop - co-written by, and starring, an incredibly talented group of young people, community members and local Elders from the local community. - with support from the DPM team, local linguists and School Staff.

Desert Pea Media projects involve a dialogue-based storytelling process that encourages participants to analyse 'the real', 'the ideal' and 'the bridge'. In simple terms this means critically thinking about how to create positive change for yourself, for each other and for our communities.

'Pmara Nurnaka' (meaning 'good country' in Western Aranda Language) is a story about country, culture and community pride. A soulful, funk/hip hop track from Australia's heartland, this production is a contemporary expression of the importance of community, connection, country, culture, family and language.

The DPM team feels deeply honoured to learn, share, create and build friendships and connection with the community in Ntaria. These projects not only uplift and inspire audiences and community members, but everybody involved. These are friendships and experiences that are deeply valued and respected.

This project featured the musical direction and production of acclaimed music producer Josh Nicholas (aka Hazy). We thank you brother for your artistic vision and awesome work.

Special thanks to Project Managers Sophia Marinos, Koren Wheatley and David Roennfeldt, Aunty
Rosabelle Namatjira, Uncle Marcus Wheeler, Aunty Betty Wheeler, Uncle Mostyn Kentiltja and Uncle
Georgia Kentiltja. Big thanks to Ntaria School for your hospitality and all the community members for
making us feel welcome, sharing your stories and teaching us about your country and community.

Project funders & partners - Commonwealth Government's Indigenous Languages & Arts Program; Iltja Ntjarra Many Hands Art Centre; Ntaria Choir; Ntaria School

Ntaria Connect are Cassie Williams, Tyrone Malthouse, Guy Sultan, Kiaasha Hall, Shalara Mitchell, Alfie Angus, Shibani Sharpe, Ashanie Raggett, Sheila Armstrong, Lawrence Inkamla, Cliffy Raggett, Jamie Fejo, Matthew Moketaeinja, James Abbott, Owen Jackson, Jonathon Parenoultja and Ricco Swan.

Toby Finlayson - Director/Co-Writer/Co-Facilitator/DOP/Drone Pilot Josh Nicholas - Music Producer/Co-Writer/Drone Pilot/Co-Facilitator Jannali Donncaster - Co-Writer/Co-Facilitator Holly Doust Robinson - Production Coordinator/Photographer David Nicholas - Audio Mixing Darren Ziesing - Audio Mastering Juston Smith - Editor/Grading/Graphics Belle Arnold - Project Manager Rachel Rowe - Business Manager


Wurta pmara marra nurnaka, Ntaria (hello, our country is good)
Nurna untharlaapuma, ngurrala (we go walking in the late afternoon)
Culture is strong, we go for bush tucker
tjurnpaka, ramiaka, kara-arraka, yirrampaka
(big goanna, sand goanna, kangaroo, honey ant)

I see a new sunrise, our future is long
When I’m soaking in the sunshine, singing my song
Spirit in my bloodline, my people are strong
Wurta pmara marra nurnaka (home is good), where I belong

Where my country, culture, my skin
Inside my spirit, Imma find it within
Don’t fear it, feel it & the strength it bring
Teach it, share it, now let it begin


Pmara marra nurnaka (our country is good)
Nurna marra tnyinitjika (we have to look after our country)
Pmara marra nurnaka
Arrkana kuta nitjina (be happy all the time)

Urrtjerrama (you’re lying) – tell me the truth
Drinking and fighting, kaaka (older brother) acting the fool
Grief ganja and grog, relha mapa (our people) confused
Relha mapa marra nitjika (our people live well) – this song’s for you

Change gunna come, like rain gunna fall
Like my spirit is strong and it’s written on the wall
It’s written in the stars * wherever I go
We Western Arrarnta mob, now you know.

This is my home – this is my truth
You wanna see change huh? It’s over to you
I wanna see change cuz, where do I go?
Connect to your culture and let everybody know

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