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Description ‘Kwatja Ngkama’ is the Western Arrernte translation for ‘Talking Water’. Talking Water is a new Australian Water Association/Water Services Association of Australia video series capturing and promoting Indigenous water knowledge from the past and present along with a vision for the future.

In this first video, we hear from Aboriginal elders and custodians from the Western Arrernte people, Central Arrernte people and Warlpiri people in Central Australia:

Kevin 'Mpitjana' Ungwanaka, Custodian of Irrmankarra (Running Waters)
Que 'Nakamarra' Kenny, Custodian of Lhere Pinte (Finke River)
Peter 'Mbitjana' Renehan, Custodian of Lhere Mbantua (Todd River)
Benedict 'Kngwari' Stevens, Custodian of Lhere Mbantua (Todd River)
Ned 'Jampijimpa' Hargraves, Warlpiri Elder and Traditional Owner Pirlinyanu

Special thanks to Eric Vanweydeveld, Australian Water Association NT Branch President and 2019 NT Water Professional of the Year for his incredible commitment to this first video in the series.

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