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Description In 2019, the North Queensland Primary Health Network commissioned Desert Pea Media to visit five remote communities (Kuranda, Bowen, Palm Island, Thursday Island, Lockhart River) to work with some of the most disadvantaged and 'at risk' young people.

DPM's 'Break It Down' program uses 'collaborative storytelling' processes to actively engage Original Nation's young people on issues such as mental health and well-being.

We wanted to know if DPM's process actually works. Are young people stronger? Heard? Celebrated? Respected? Are they more able to live a life of their own design?

We commissioned and independent evaluation (Leanganook Yarn) to answer these questions.

This film represents our findings.


Mitch O'Hearn - Co-Director/Co-Producer/DOP/Editor/Colour Grading/Graphics
Natalie Moxham - Co-Director
Toby Finlayson - Producer
Grace Newell - Co-Producer/Location Sound/ Camera 2
Daniel Glossop - Location Sound
Josh Nicholas - Location Sound

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