1. The Mexicans: Mr Bird
  2. The Mexicans: Kimberley
  3. The Mexicans: Broome Girl
  4. The Mexicans: 32 Sands Street
  5. The Kuckles: Nyul Nyul Girl
  6. The Kuckles: Money Ain't Everything
  7. The Kuckles: Everybody Looking For Kuckle
  8. The Kuckles: Bran Nue Dae
  9. Stephen Pigram: Such Is Life
  10. Stephen Pigram: Mimi
  11. Stephen Pigram: Long Long Way
  12. Stephen Pigram: Sashimi Brain
  13. Stephen Pigram: Saltwater Cowboy
  14. Stephen Pigram: Too Much To Say
  15. Stephen Pigram: Crocodile River
  16. No Fixed Address: Time Before Me
  17. No Fixed Address: Vision
  18. No Fixed Address: We Have Survived
  19. No Fixed Address: Marijuana Blues
  20. No Fixed Address: Pigs