1. Get Your Head Out of the Can
  2. We're Not Leaving by The Yawada Crew
  3. Children of the Sun by The Schooly Crew
  4. No More Grog
  5. Nyoongar Music by Walkabout Boys
  6. My Home by Walkabout Boys
  7. Long Train Running by Walkabout Boys
  8. Looma Community
  9. Our Way by Beagle Bay Sacred Heart School
  10. Papa Atunymananyi (Song)
  11. Healthy Food is Good for Your Ears
  12. Papa Atunymananyi
  13. Go to the Clinic with Lorenzo
  14. Little Dutch Girl by Geoffrey Fletcher
  15. Yiyili by Fitzroy Xpress
  16. Rodeo Road by Fitzroy Xpress
  17. A Little Bit of Country, a Little Bit of Rock & Roll by Fitzroy Xpress
  18. Walking The Christian Life
  19. Care For Kids' Ears
  20. Atunymananyi Tjitjiku Pina