The power of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities of Far North Queensland entwined in a legacy of traditional language and song, sung in Gunggandji, Yidinji, Yalanji, Guugu Yimithirr, Meriam Mir and …

  • Lindsay Malay 2019

    Lindsay Malay 2019 Interview at Warmun Art

  • CAFL 2019: Community Cup Round 9   Areyonga Tigers vs Nyirripi Demons

    CAFL 2019: Community Cup Round 9   Areyonga Tigers vs Nyirripi Demons Produced by Indigenous Community Television Limited (ICTV) © AFL Northern Territory Limited 2019 Commentary Stan Coombe & Shaun Cusack …

  • Gordon Barney Artist interview 2019

    Gordon Barney Artist interview at Warmun Art 2019.

  • Jodie's Story

    This is a 6 minute video about Jodie Ward, a ranger from Kiwirrkurra Community. Jodie and Rachel made this video during a training workshop at ICTV's FRAIM Festival in Alice Springs in May 2019. It tells the story of how …

  • Kunpulu (Sawfish)

    Kunpulu (Freshwater Sawfish) are extinct in all but three of the 80 countries it was once found. They are highly threatened in Australia, but are still found in the Victoria River (NT). This film details Gurindji …

  • Videos
    1. Talking Country: Walmajarri
    2. Punu Palyantja Woodcarving (1989)
    3. Faces & Places: Beagle Bay
    4. Lungkarta
    5. Ernabella Arts
    6. Petrol Sniffing Song by Infari Maru
    7. Nyurru Warnu Mangarri Kirli (Bush Foods)
    8. Puntarnta (Bush Medicine)
    9. Opening the Common Gate: Citizenship
    10. Talking Country: Kija
    11. Nguyu Jukurrpa
    12. Other Side of Town by Naomi Pigram
    13. Artist Profile: Racy Pitt
    14. Talking Country: Jaru Place - Old Halls Creek
    15. Bush Bands Bash 2010: Desert Mulga Band
    16. Tjukurpa Kungkarangkalpa Kurualala (Seven Sisters At Kuruala)
    17. Godspeed by Emma Sibosado
    18. Cry Freedom by Lorrae Coffin Band
    19. Inma Pulka Ngarantja Ernabella-La
    20. Catch & Cook: Barrkara (Bush Turkey)