Ilan Stylez - 'Time Wait for No-One'

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Description Desert Pea Media is very proud to announce a new collaboration with the Torres Strait Island community of Thursday Island, North QLD.

This production, along with two short films were created over 14 days in September 2019 - an outcome of of a unique, collaborative creative process with Desert Pea Media artists, local Indigenous young people, community members, Elders, and local health & community services.

The overall purpose of the project was to facilitate an important, inter-generational conversation about social and emotional well-being for Original Nations young people in 5 communities around FNQ (Kuranda, Bowen, Palm Island, Thursday Island & Lockhart River). The project is called 'Break It Down - Community Conversations Around Well-being' - funded by North Queensland Primary Health Network.

Desert Pea Media projects involve a dialogue-based storytelling process that encourages participants to analyze 'the real', 'the ideal' and 'the bridge'. In simple terms this means critically thinking about how to create positive change for yourself, for each other and for our communities.

Desert Pea Media has been working with the community of Thursday Island for almost a decade, and the opportunity to reconnect with old friends and create new connections is invaluable to us. These projects not only uplift and inspire audiences and community members, but everybody involved.

'Time Wait For No-One' is a bouncy, tropical, reggae/dub infused ballad for the people of the Torres Straits. Written on-location in Thursday Island and inspired by a quote from Aunty Ellen Ronson, referring to the importance of maintaining and passing down language and culture in an ever-changing contemporary society.

'Time Wait For No-One was produced by Yiddinji music producer Coedie McCarthy aka ‘Blackfulla Beats’. We thank you brother for your artistic vision and awesome work.

Special thanks to Aunty Ellen Ronson, Jodi and the team from My Pathways, Diat Alferink from TSIMA, Lisa Lui and the Meriam Dance Group and Paula Arnol, Alex Blanco and staff from Torres Health.

Ilan Stylez is Ned David, Talulah Amber, Mawai Whap, Wasada Bani, Katie Pilot, Trudy Mareko, Gagee Barsa, Nataliah Mosby, Andrew Lui, Luke Mosby, Ellen Ronson.

Toby Finlayson - Project Director/Co-Writer/Co-Facilitator/DOP Ciolla Riley - Co-Writer/Co-Facilitator Maf Priestley – Co-Writer/ Co-Facilitator/ Co-Director Coedie McCarthy - Music Producer/ Co-Facilitator/ Co-Writer Mitch O’Hearn – Camera 2/ Co-Facilitator Daniel Glossop – Audio Engineer/ Co-Facilitator Grace Newell - Production Coordinator/Photographer Roy Weiland - Editor/Graphics/Grading David Nicholas - Audio Mixing Darren Ziesing - Audio Mastering Ash Camm - Business Manager – Project Manager – Belle Arnold

Wiswei bala sissy? (whichway brother sister)
Kassa (we) wanna know.
Where youpla from? Where the Oobarr (wongai tree) grow
(wah) me Zenadth Kes got their wires crossed
And now Zenadth Kes becomes paradise lost

Ina noomunlag surrounded by athabad
(land surrounded by water)
Murra kazil (everybody), lagau kab (Island Dance) - Zenadth kes diew gassoman (everybody proud)
Mipla baptal tookoi pal Coming up to run amuck
Iy pu nagamik we love it laka everyone of us

Mepla lived in harmony for generations
Island Nations of the Torres Strait
And then the white man arrived in paradise
And took my island lifestyle away (CHAY)
Yawor (goodbye) now, wati-siga (gangja), grog, shame job you mob
Not mepla culture, when’s it gonna change
Dopey in the head, dim diem (stupid), walking dead
like a zombie, sirip-em (crazy), when we gunna be the same?

Time wait for no-one
flow like the ocean
Like poetry in motion
Steady steady coasting
Riding on the tides just floating
Cruisin on the coastline
Steady steady coasting

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