Jerry Jangala - Kuyu Pungu

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Added by Reading the Country - Central Land Council

Description Jerry Jangala Patrick is a senior Warlpiri Elder living in the community of Lajamanu at the northern tip of the Tanami Desert. His most recent endeavour is the leading mastermind of the Reading the Country Project.
The Reading the Country project has almost finished developing its pilot training framework that aims to equip Aboriginal rangers and other remote community residents with the knowledge and skills required to track animals. This knowledge is still really valuable for us to keep going and for our Rangers to use tracking and Yapa knowledge in their work, says Jerry.
Times have changed from when Jerry was young, there are less people to learn from and less time for learning and tracking is no longer needed to survive. Jerry recognises this and hopes the training framework will enable master trackers and rangers to fast-track learning through creating and supporting intensive learning opportunities.
In this film Jerry imparts his knowledge, history and passion for teaching and tracking. According to Dione Kelly (previous Senior Warlpiri Ranger), Jangala is really valuable in life itself, for Warlpiri. He teaches us everything.

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