Young Way

Videos for children and young adults, includes: animations, music videos made by children and stories made by kids in community.

  1. Mel - Growing up in Palmerston
  2. Growing up in Palmerston
  3. Eddie - Growing up in Palmerston
  4. Dawurr
  5. Remeyaka Lheka (Looking for Goannas)
  6. Pertame Students Asking Questions
  7. Lernnga Irrpwema/Rretema (sunset/sunrise) Song
  8. Pertame Skipping Song (Teddy bear, Teddy bear)
  9. Pertame Chant
  10. High School iPad Challenge
  11. Pertame School Visits Reptile Centre
  12. Kekalala (Cookatoo) Song
  13. Intyenya MacDonald Farma Kerta Song
  14. Pertame Kids Perform at Beanie Festival
  15. Climbing walls like spiderman, release of a new rap music video and Quicklooks.
  16. WEX is good fun, Graham and Sherill 12 years in Kintore and we walk for water.
  17. Mishai Wollogorang is living in Adelaide, working as an apprentice mechanic and training with SANFL.
  18. Color Smash 2021, games that test our stamina and skill. So much fun in one day!
  19. Work experience week we learn so much, Girls Academy quiz night and our school creed in Pitjantjara.
  20. Our Girl’s release their Music Video and a day of NADIOC celebrations, so much fun!