Young Way

Videos for children and young adults, includes: animations, music videos made by children and stories made by kids in community.

  1. WonderBell and her Magical Ngetya Walking Stick
  2. Superhero Yeya: Max pa Kelvin
  3. Apma Sam pa ilentya Lee
  4. Shanicka pa Shakira pa Pangkalangka
  5. Irtnwera pa Mparlparna by Shakayla Ngala
  6. Hailey pa Hunter by Hailey Peltharra
  7. Rrweketya Wonder pa Thipa by Helaina Kemarra
  8. Wonder Kwarra pa Thipa by Kaycee Kemarra
  9. Hailey pa Pertame School by Hailey Kemarra
  10. Urta Kernta pa Samantha by Khealin Kemarra
  11. Destinee: Apma pa Mpurlparna
  12. Malachi pa DJ by Malachi Peltharra
  13. Hoops4Health ran workshops and another great music video about brothers looking after brothers.
  14. Our CUZ-Congress car on show, Yanyuwa & Garruwa Language Class Rap and hunting for gems in the dirt.
  15. Yalka Lotjpa Nha
  16. Girls go on camp, we talk about Domestic Violence and the Allied Health Australia team visit Yirara.
  17. The Hunter and the Dancer - St Francis Xavier - Daly River
  18. The Makulkul Mob - Wadeye OLSH
  19. Wanganaranku Areyonga 2014
  20. Peppimenarti Community - ON TWO WHEELS (The Making of the song and video)