Young Way

Videos for children and young adults, includes: animations, music videos made by children and stories made by kids in community.

  1. Gunbalanya - Good Tucker Song
  2. Wadeye - "Mi Patha" ("Good Food")
  3. Wadeye - "We Can Do Anything"
  4. "Five Step Song" ("We Wash Our Hands")
  5. The Wello Crew - Bringin It Back
  6. The Condo Crew - 'How Ya Feelin'
  7. How to go to space while in our library, our new BBQ trailer and more...
  8. This week we make music in a garden, listen to sisters and help publish books.
  9. Wambool Worldwide - 'Changes'
  10. B-Town Warriors - 'Dreams'
  11. The Mob - 'Courage & Excellence'
  12. Wetland Warriors - 'Have You Heard the Word'
  13. B Town Warriors - 'Thundercloud'
  14. Githabul Next Generation - 'Breaking Habits'
  15. B-Town Warriors - 'Rewrite Your Story'
  16. B-Town Warriors - 'My Generation'
  17. Githabul Next Generation - 'Looking Out For Country'
  18. Yirara's Mothers Day Message 2018
  19. We say thank you to our moms, meet Shane and play with robots.
  20. Yirara TV Episode 3 Term 2 - 2018: We spend some some time with Luther College students, play some soccer and meet Margaret again.