Kaurna Warra Pintyanthi

Kaurna Warra Pintyanthi was established in 2002 by Kaurna Elders, Dr Kauwanu Lewis Yerloburka O'Brien and Dr Alitya Wallara Rigney together with Linguist, Assoc Prof Rob Amery. It is a body of Kaurna people, teachers, linguists and language enthusiasts who are passionate about the reclamation and revival of the Kaurna language.

  1. Lesson 8 Commands
  2. Uncle's Breakfast
  3. Karra - The River Redgum
  4. The Story of Ivarrityi
  5. Kamparritingka 'In the Kitchen'
  6. Golfing Terms in Kaurna
  7. Paitya!
  8. Maityuwampi - Cycling For Culture
  9. Lesson 1, Traditional Kaurna Greetings
  10. Wirri - Clapsticks
  11. Interview with Lewis Yerloburka O'Brien
  12. Learning Kaurna at Tauondi
  13. The Phone Call
  14. Cafe Chat
  15. Talking Kaurna with children
  16. Emotions - Happy Words
  17. Modern Food
  18. Gilles St Primary, Kaurna Language class
  19. Mukarta, Kartaka, Mampa, Tidna
  20. Kaurna for Kids - Animals