1. Willi Willi Karti by Mervyn Mulardy
  2. Cat Fish by Groovylips & the Yang
  3. Little Sister by Seaside Drifters
  4. It Hurts to Be Me by Naomi Pigram
  5. Nigel and Ben Remix
  6. Kungka Palaru by Iwantja Band
  7. Djatpa (Live at Darwin Festival) by Yothu Yindi
  8. We Gonna Party by Iwantja Band
  9. Listen to the Reggae Music by Redsand Band
  10. Nguntju Wiya by Redsand Band
  11. Take Me Back by Redsand Band
  12. Wati Kura by Redsand Band
  13. Yangubala Kutju by Redsand Band
  14. Karnta by Callum Scobie
  15. Tanami Downs by Warnayaka Band
  16. Tribute to Noonkanbah by Troy Laurel & Malcolm Skinner
  17. Treaty by Yothu Yindi
  18. My Baby Left Me by Iwantja Band
  19. I Want to Rock by Iwantja Band
  20. Take Me Back to Wirrimanu by Desert Lost Boys