Same Like Yesterday - Virulkuthalypila and Other Stories from Our Country

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Description As Elders pass away, many take with them the language and the precious knowledge of their
country and culture. In 2017 , the Adnymathanha community sought support to recreate a traditional story about their female ancestors and the creation of Adnyamathanha country. In 2019, the resulting work, a collaboration between women and children of the Adnyamathanha community and the Sharing Stories Foundation, was showcased at the DreamBIG Festival at the Art Gallery of South Australia.
The Same Like Yesterday installation tells a story about six senior Adnyamathanha women and
two teenage girls travelling through the Flinders Ranges in the footsteps of Virkuthalypia, the two woman from the Yuramuda (Dreamtime). Senior custodians (to add names) all contributed to the telling and artistic development of the story on Country.
Yvonne Brady, an Adnyamathanha senior custodian said they felt their focus on a women’s
story was important to in the keeping of traditional knowledge. “We wanted to teach girls about some of the women’s stories. There are a lot of stories about our country.”

This project was facilitated by SharingStories Foundation (SSF) as part of their Digital
Storytelling Program. SharingStories works with Indigenous Communities to increase
digital capabilities in ways that enable the maintenance and growth of language stories
and cultural heritage for today and for future generations tomorrow.

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