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Description The 5th and final instalment of the Miwatj Health and IHHP collaboration is here, in this video from Yirrkala and around Gove Peninsula. Working with the students of Yirrkala Community Education Centre, and students from around Gove, we wrote this song about quitting tobacco, and other healthy lifestyles choices. We are hoping thru the Yaka Buny'djurr Ngarali campaign to encourage people to quit smoking, or to never take it up. We want to build the confidence of the young leaders of each community we visited, to say no to peer pressure, and the stand up for themselves, their community and their culture.

If we all quit tobacco, we can stand strong, stand tall and live much healthier lives. Yaka Buny'djurr Ngarali.

Massive thanks to Lucas, Ben, Boogie, PJ and the whole Miwatj Team for their amazing support during the last 5 weeks. Also massive thanks to Yirrkala CEC and Nhulunbuy and Ski Beach schools.


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