Lardaj Dreaming

Young Way

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Description This film was made by students at Pigeon Hole School in the Northern Territory after returning to Country with Elders to listen to the story of the Lardaj Dreaming, the Rough Tailed Goanna. They interpreted the story using animation, spoken word and film.

Lardaj, The Rough-Tailed Goanna, Dreaming.

The Lardaj went to Jamanburluga then Giligyanga. From Giliyanga he went north. He built himself a home, shade for himself up here. From that place , he went down and made water to drink at Winingili. Then he headed north climbing over two hills. He went down to a place then on the river called Jamarndagurlarni. From Jamarndagurlarni he went to Wanbangi. At Wanbangi he stopped for good.

Told by Ivy Kungari Hector
Barbara Bobby Nanagu, Mildred Hector Nanagu, Eunice Hector Nanagu, Maryanne Bobby Nimarra, transcribed by Felicity Meakins in 2003.

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