For My People by The Colli Crew

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Description 'For My People' was written, recorded and shot in just four days with young people from Collarenebri, NSW as part of the Song Nation 2013 storytelling tour of Australia.

The Colli Crew are a group of "diminutive, yet razor-sharp rappers" from Collarenebri - a small town in northwest NSW situated on the banks of the Barwon River.

The crew has developed as part of an ongoing Desert Pea Media mentoring program in Collarenebri since 2010, in partnership with Collarenebri Central School. - 'For My People' is the 7th track from The Colli Crew in four years, and the first independent Colli Crew production.

This song was created over four days in August 2013, and features Michael Graham aka MC Boomali (Gamilaraay word for 'strike with power'), who has been a standout participant in Colli Crew projects throughout most of his teenage years.

Over the years, MC Boomali has developed from a participant to an artist in his own right - something we are all very proud of. Having just turned 18 - this young man knows about hardship and struggle, yet continues to make good life choices and be a strong role model for his community.

MC Boomali says "It's about standing strong and not giving up - representing who you are and where you're from - believing in yourself and knowing yourself. Respect my old people till my last breath. WORD!"

'For My People' is an affirmation of the power of self-expression. A story about a young man who has found a voice in music, has found pride and strength in his cultural identity, and uses that power to educate, empower and inspire his people. We'll be seeing a lot more of this young Gamilaraay warrior in the future. Believe that.

Special thanks to John McGregor, Roslyn McGregor, Adrian King, Peter Baum, Janet Mason and all of the Collarenebri elders that have supported the programs from the beginning.

We pay our respects to the Gamilaraay people - traditional owners of the country upon which this story was told.

*Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander viewers are warned that photographs/videos may contain images of deceased persons, which may cause sadness or distress.

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