Walk Your Life

Our Night-time

Added by Alice Springs Womens Shelter

Description "When women go to the shelter they go in all broken, hurt, shamed and lost, cause they can’t believe that their husbands treat them like no good dogs. We tell them you can walk your life again, that violence is no good for them and their children. We tell them to go away to the shelter and get strong again; you can fix your soul, heart and spirit up. Then you can come home to WALK YOUR LIFE again with your children and family.

That’s what these young mothers need to know - that they can do that and have family member’s help them.Our young woman need to go out bush and sit and talk with the auntie’s and nana’s and listen to their
story about their Walk of Life and get the healing from the bush. The cycle of violence is not our culture, never was and never will be."

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