Culture Remainz' (I am the Future) by Tagai Buway

Young Way

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Description 'Culture Remainz' was written, recorded, filmed and edited over five days as part of a mentoring process by Desert Pea Media artists, high school students and staff at Tagai State College in July 2013.

Thursday Island, also known as 'TI' or 'Waybeni' is the administrative and commercial center of the Torres Strait Islands (TSI) -- lying 39 kilometers north of the Cape York Peninsula.

The people of the Torres Strait are strongly connected to their ancestral lands and traditional culture is very strong and vibrant here. This particular production aimed to create a story that would recognize and advocate awareness of the struggles of the past, yet celebrate TSI culture and represent the different cultural groups that make up the Zenadh Kes (Torres Strait).

Special thanks to Deb Belyea, Rachel Templeton, Patrick Mau, Gail Mabo, and Richard Matthew

We pay our respects to the Kawrareg people - traditional owners of the country upon which this story was told.

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